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How to clear the cache


You have installed some new plugin, made some modifications or any update on your site and something is not working like before? Don't panic, it is probably just a small issue that can be fixed easily.

Here are some simple steps to follow that will help you very often after updating.

1. Clear your browser cache

This is the first thing to do. Many issues just happen because we changed some JavaScript code and your browser tries to load the old JavaScript code saved in its cached memory. This is client side cache.

You will find many tutorials to learn how to clear your browser cache on Google. Just follow the steps depending on the browser you use.

2. Clear your cache/minify/CDN plugins

Same as above, but this time the cache is a server side cache. You might have installed some cache plugin, minifier plugin or CDN plugin. All these plugins save a version of your resources files (images, videos, JavaScript, CSS) and load them to speed up your site rendering time.

Each of these plugins offer some clearing options to load fresh files that have been updated. Clearing options depend on the plugins you use. So check out the help center of each plugin you are using to get extra informations about how to clear cache.

Here are the most famous of them:

Cache plugins

Cache plugins basically save a version of your files on your server and serve them when your users go on your site.

Minify plugins

Minify plugins compress your JavaScript or CSS files into one single file to prevent your users to load multiple files. But when the original files change, you have to update this single file by clearing the plugin cache.

CDN services and plugins

CDN stands for “content delivery network”. Basically, it’s like another type of web hosting for your website, only this one sits on top of your main hosting account. Essentially, it adds an additional--and global--network of servers to your website’s repertoire.

Here are 4 of the best CDN services available right now:

Once you’ve signed up for the CDN and it’s been activated on the backend of your site, here are 5 of the best WordPress CDN plugins:

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