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How does Auto-import work?


Available for Tube Embedder, Xbiz Grabber plugins



Videos Auto-import is quite a powerful but sharp feature that requires a lot of pre requires to work well.

Please read all these pre requires carefully.


  • If you have no feed with auto-import set to “Enabled”, it won’t work.
  • If you have some feeds with auto-import set to “Enabled” but these feeds don’t provide new videos, it won’t work.
  • If you have no visitor on your website, it won’t work.
  • If you get visitor but the visitor local time is less than your WordPress local time, it won’t work.

How WP-Script Auto-import works?

At first, let’s take a deep look at how auto-import works.

  1. Is there any saved Feed? (you’ll get some feeds as soon as you begin to import some videos. All feeds are listed at the bottom of the Grabber plugin page)
  2. For each Feed, is there any Feed that have “Auto-import” set to “Enabled”?
  3. If true, try to import some new videos (there could have no new video)
  4. Save that feed as the latest updated. Next auto-import will look for an other Feed.

Have you set auto-import to Enabled on some feeds ?

For each feed, you can Enable Auto-import which is disabled by default.

Have you some visitors on your website?

The auto-import feature is based on the native WordPress CRON.

As a reminder, a cron is a time-based job scheduler that allows your server to execute some scripts automatically. Basically, the idea here is to grab automatically some videos whenever you are not in front of your computer.

WordPress CRON is simple to use because you don’t have to do anything for it to work. Nothing excepted having some visitors because they will trigger WP-Script auto-import.

Is the local time of your visitors the same as the local time on your WordPress site?

This part is very important.

WordPress Cron Job is based on your local site time (learn how to Set the Time Properly in WordPress for Cron Jobs written by MaAnna Stephenson on

For example:

  • UTC time is 8h00 am
  • Your WordPress time is set to UTC+2, so for you (and your WordPress site), it is 10h00 am (local time)
  • Your next Auto-Import is at 10h00 am (local time)

In this case, and at the exact same moment:

  • if YOU go to your site, Auto-Import Cron Job WILL BE executed because WordPress local time is 10h00 am AND your local time is 10h00 am too
  • if a visitor with local time is less than 10h00 am, Auto-Import Cron Job WILL NOT BE exectued because Wordpress local time is 10h00 am BUT the visitor time is less than 10h00 am
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