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How to get profit?


Our products have been developed to save you time, to be at the top of the technology in terms of SEO and speed but if you don't work on your site, you won't win anything.

Unfortunately there is no miracle solution! If you want to make profit with your adult site, you must make it visible and increase your visitors traffic.

How to increase traffic?

Many users make the mistake of thinking that the more videos they import, the more their site will be visible on Google. It's wrong.

The most important thing to do is to improve your SEO. The only way is to rewrite titles and create descriptions for your videos in your order to get unique content.

If you don't do that and import thousands of videos without changing anything, your porn tube will be lost in the mass with duplicate content and Google hates that.

Does the spinning content worth?

Personally one prefers not to advise this kind of practice which consists of replacing certain words or expressions by synonyms. It actually creates unique content but that usually has no meaning and is obviously not appreciated by Google.

We advise you to focus on quality over quantity and write your own content.

Niche or generalist tubes?

We advise you to create niche tubes instead of generalist tubes. The goal is not to reproduce Pornhub, it's useless at all. The goal is to attract visitors thanks to specific queries.

For example, you can make an adult site with only lesbian videos and display lesbian advertising banners by using the advertising locations integrated in our themes.

Check out the "Make Money" section in our "How to Start a Porn Site" Guide

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