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My website is taking too long to load


It can happen that your site is slow. The slowness of a site can be subjective and there is a difference between a very slow site caused by a long TTFB and a slow site because of the loading of the resources (images, css and javascript).

Here are different scenarios and how to improve the speed of your site:

1. Your site is very slow (10+ seconds)

You have only installed WP-Script products

This is surely the TTFB that is involved. This means that the server takes a long time to interpret the PHP and render it on the browser. In this case, it is a firewall setting of your server that prevents one of our products from accessing our API. It is then necessary to contact your host to check the setting of your part-fire.

You have installed WordFence

Just try to enable WordFence learning mode. WordFence can block some access to our site, preventing our products to work. Setting up learning mode will allow access to our site and make our products to work properly.

You have installed any other 3rd party plugins?

Try to deactivate each of one to find out which one is slowing down your site.

2. Your site is slow but not that much

In the rest of the cases, the problem can come from many different factors. We recommend that you read this great article about WordPress site slow response time: 9 Reasons Your WordPress Site Has Slow Response Time

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