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Setup MyTubepress Themes compatibilty


The WPS Mass Embedder plugin allows you to grab videos from the best dult Tubes. All data are optimized for WP-Script themes so everything will work without any configuration.

But the plugin also works great with any third party theme, including all WordPress themes from MyTubepress:

  • Bestia Theme
  • Easytube Theme
  • PopCorn Tube Theme
  • Tubeboss Theme
  • Zetatube Theme


If you use one of those themes, you will not see the imported videos with our plugin at first. This is normal because those themes and our plugin do not use the same custom fields.

Here is an exemple with a video page from PopCorn:

popcorn-theme-video-before.jpgBy default, you won't see the video


Here is how to configure PopCorn Tube Theme options to finally see the video:

Note: It will be the same for all themes from

  1. Go to the PopCorn Theme Compatibility > Options
  2. Set Custom field name for THUMBNAIL to "thumb"
  3. Set Custom field name for VIDEO DURATION to "duration"
  4. Set Custom field name for EMBED CODE to "embed"
  5. Press the Save changes button

The good way to configure PopCorn Theme options


Here is the result after setting the options the good way:

popcorn-theme-video-after.jpgThe video is now visible and playable


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