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How to insert an mp4 video ad with a link on my site?


If you have a hosted mp4 url, you can add an html widget block wherever you want on your theme.

Then add the following code in your html widget:

<div style="display:flex; justify-content:center;">
 <a href="#">
   <video class="wps-player-bypass" autoplay muted loop style="width:100%;" src="http://localhost:8000/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/a-girl-so-hot-you-wont-believe-she-loves-anal-sex.mp4"></video>

Let's analyse this code:

1. The following code will center your video horizontally:

<div style="display:flex; justify-content:center;">...</div>

2. The following code is the code to redirect your visitors. Change # by the url you want to redirect your visitors to:

<a href="#">...</a>

3. The following code is the actual html tag to display the video:

<video class="wps-player-bypass" autoplay muted loop src="#"></video>

Here are more details about this last piece of code.

class="wps-player-bypass" : ​​This code is needed if you use the WPS Player plugin. So it prevents the WPS Player to transform this particular video.

autoplay muted loop : This code is needed if you want the video to play automatically and loop. Note that muted is mandatory after autoplay because most of recent browser won't play videos with sound automatically for better user experience.

style="width:100%;":This code is needed if you want to make the video responsive. This is required for large ads. You can change 100% by any value you need.

src="#": This code is needed to know where the video is hosted. Change # by the url of an mp4 video. Choose a short and light video file so your visitors don't have to wait before they see your video.

You must host the video on your server or on a third party hosting to get its url.

It will work only with an mp4 url.

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